Discover DOÑANA's cuisine

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Traditional cuisine

Doñana is Savored at LABOCA. Our restaurant is open to guests, as well as people on the street, and prepared with rooms for events, celebrations and weddings, making it a privilege to be able to celebrate any event in a unique place, with the expertise of our exquisite kitchen team.

Ancestral Recipes

A culinary experience with the greatest respect for seasonal products, direct from the countryside, from the sea, Andalusia being probably the best pantry in Europe.


Our Chef and his kitchen team carefully prepare each dish, with virgin raw materials, unprocessed, carefully choosing each element that makes it up, always "with continuous avant-garde improvements", as in all of our motto, the KAIZEN HOTELES group.

Some of our dishes


flavors of the earth

Slow food

from the field

Real Food Kitchen

from Orchard


Atlantic Airs

Freshly caught on the high seas.