Explore Doñana

Few places blend in with nature like this picturesque village, surrounded by the Doñana National Park, the largest ecological reserve in Europe, preserves the sand in its streets without alfaltar and keeps ancient traditions so ingrained that they are lost in memory.

The largest ecological reserve in Western Europe, in Andalusia, its province of Huelva keeps a village, El Rocío, within the town of Almonte. More than 30 kilometers of virgin beaches, dunes, pine forests and wild animals in freedom; Iberian lynx, Fallow deer, Deer, Wild Horses in freedom, Fauna, Reptiles, Flora ... A place where it is possible to see the life of these wild animals in their unique and preserved ecosystem in the world.

"Marsh Madre La Boca"

"Saca" of the horses

Deer bellowing in Doñana

If there is a place in the world where nature and tradition come together, it is a perfect symbiosis, it is the village of El Rocío, where they have been drinking from each other for centuries. On the one hand, the Doñana National Park that floods its marshes with a unique flora and fauna in the world and, on the other, the Marian devotion par excellence such as the Virgen del Rocío that fills with folklore, joy and religiosity each one of the sandy streets of this privileged and atypical corner that must be known and lived, at least once in a lifetime. Being the most important point in Europe, where most birds fly in their migrations between Africa and Europe.